Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did I hear GRAVEL & SWEAT?


Had a slight fright on the bike today on the way to supercheaps, took a corner at a appropriate speed but chose a 'not-so-appropriate' line and almost did a face-plant while cornering over a small patch of sand on the road. Stuck my foot out and uprighted to bike before swearing under my helmet and convincing myself that I was still invincible. :O

Anyway, this is an update on the things I have done/will be doing soon to the bike:

  1. Acerbis 22litre tank
  2. Finalised Tool Kit
  3. New Pro Taper Pillow Top Hand Grips
  4. GPS RAM Mount
  5. SPOT GPS tracker
  6. Slipstreamer Windscreen (On its way!)
  7. Dunlop D606, Tubes & Rimlocks (To be done before practice run across nullabor)
  8. Finalised Camping Tools

My Tool Kit for OzRoundin' (Missing Tyre Gauge, Irons, Repair Kit & Funnel Set)

Working on the bike myself the past few weeks has allowed me to get fairly acquainted with the inner workings of the venerable XR600. It's simple enough for me to know how to bleed the brakes, change the pads, tyres, chains, oil, filters except major engine overhauls. I reckon the part I dread the most is fixing up a flat on the road. That's gonna be heinous!

I've also plotted a possible route for Nov 10 as a practice run across Australia to Port Augusta. Distance is estimated to be around 4965km and consists of a ritualistic 700 - 800 km per day. Hopefully, I don't fall off and die. IF I do end up in a fireball of tears I will be looking forward to utilising my SPOT satellite tracker and see if the emergency button is as effective as they purport it to be. Will provide a tracking website soon so that anybody who is interested can follow my journey.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Bike update: XR600 1997 with kickstarter.

So Far I've:
1. changed the oil, cleaned the filter (air),
2. Fitted custom Pannier and rear racks,
3. Serviced the Clutch Cable Oil Leak,
4. Fitted new front and rear bearings,
5. New Pads,
6. Assembled a rough tool kit.
7. Upgraded front sprocket to 14T.
8. Sheep Wool Seat Pad
8. Tourmaster Tank Bag and New Gloves

Including Comprehensive Insurance (Swann) and other miscellaneous admin fees I've spent close to 1300 bucks.

Things to get soon:
22l Acerbis Tank
GPS mount

Monday, April 13, 2009

Willie Willie Coyote

It's been awhile. Currently away in Japan on exchange until June but I have taken it onto myself to start sussing out a bike for when I return to Perth (Eventually). I have to be honest here, I have mixed feelings about leaving Japan. Initially, before I came that is, I was so looking forward to riding in Japan on a 2 wheeler of some sort but on arriving, found out that I was not permitted to do that. Despite being tempted to ride all the time here I have had a wonderful time with Japanese public transport! I am still raring to get back straddling a hot rod between my legs though (ok, reserve the gay comments to AFTER I finish). Not one day passes where I do not even think about "oh xtz.....oh XR.... or maybe a DR..." and when I see a bike here (which is really fucking everywhere), I just get so....懐かしいね!(literally meaning: Miss)

So yea, now another aspect that has changed since the last time I posted has been deciding the route I am going to take. So that would mean getting some 1:25 000 or 1:50 000 maps and plotting out a rough route I would be take around and back. It would cover 15% dirt 85% Tarmac.

Also, I have raised the budget on the bike from 2500 to max out 4k but realistically, I would want to spend around 3.2k or thereabouts to get it. Really hoping it is a tenere. So another 1.5k to do it up (larger tank, rego. upgrading parts, seats, racks, tyres, etc). And also, maybe a dirt riding course in Cambodia at the end of the year. Okay willie kneelies ride safe and try not to be caught with your pants down while peeing in the great outdoors.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Expenditures (As of 17 Oct 2008)

Okay, here's the latest scoop on how much It has cost me for this pilgrimage.

"Accomodation & Meals"
Tent = 40 bucks
Sleeping Bag = 87bucks
Stove = Free
Gas Canisters = Free
Total = 127 bucks

Riding Gear
Helmet = Free
Gloves = Free
Pants = 30 bucks
Jacket = 90 bucks
Total = 120 bucks

Bike stuff
R-class License = 670 bucks
Soft padded Panniers = 80 bucks
Total = 750 bucks

GPS(76CSx Awesome!) = 330 bucks
GPS CN NT Micro Sd = 71 bucks
2Gb Sandisk Micro Sd = 8.50 bucks
Compass = Free
Total = 409.50 bucks

Current Total as of Oct 2008 = 1406.50 bucks

Hopefully, when I come back from Japan I can get my bike and take a couple of weekender solo trail ride and camping trips. Just for the experience of it. I'm been dissuaded from riding the bike around and been advised to go in a cager instead but I don't expect those people who don't ride to understand the real feeling and excitement of riding so I'm not going to rough it out with them.

My Life Without a bike but with a license....pfff!

Yes, it's been awhile. Being a uni student I really have a life elsewhere out of being online (Liar!). Hence the rarity of a post. I reckon my posts are like endangered tigers.... If you see it you should convert to become a nun.

Anyway, couple of updates, so basic bike gear ( Jacket, Gloves, pants, soft tailbag, helmet) are all here. And.... I passed the R-license test ( 1/2 a point take that biatch... by biatch I mean the Licensing offence dun take my license away...)! I'm ecstatic since I had quite some problem with my Figure 'O's. Well, Japan next, maybe a souped up CB250 or CB400 would be nice! Even a small scooter will be up. Oh yea, My GPS finally arrived. I've been playing around with it like bringing it to uni and everywhere I go. It's a Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx and looks like a old handphone from the early 90s. If I drop it in water.... It floats! How cool is that!.... no really eh... :D

Friday, September 12, 2008

My one step forward

Okay, here's the latest scoop
1. Jacket's here, alittle dirty but it's worth every 90 dollar cent I spent on it.
2. Wrote a sponsorship request to Yamaha (slim chance but hey, miracles happen!)

Sourced out the camping "road side accomodation" already, tents gonna cost me a HEFTY 34.35 bucks (Fwah!!!) and sleeping bag, looking at around 87 bucks. I've decided I'm going to just go with the flow and relax on not stressing out over the minute details (for now). So, Just debit the shit out of my account man!

Bussi Jetty tomorrow morning!

Cheers and I'm going to enjoy my respite from this so-far hectic semester

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Forward Advance with Indian Oh... so cheap Bags

Okay people, listen up I'm a cheapskate and I am not shy to admit that... Everything about this trip is try and be as cheap a bastard as you can. As such, I have sourced out 'made in india... made in india...california...." soft case panniers. I'm almost about to commit my money into buying them for a cheap cheap 40 bucks(shipping's another 20 I think) without first having even gotten my bike.

Also, I spoke to Son down at SMARTRIDER today about taking that wretched Moto maintenance repair courseand it's going to set me back around 120 bucks. Did do a course in Army but then again, that was two years back so seeing how I've never torn apart a motorcycle before and touched the... body (grrr....) I think I should do a "refresher".

Next, met a guy from PSB, interesting nickname;Dubs, to try on some touring pants. It turned out to be a little big for me and it'll set me back 70 bucks. So, I'm going to settle for my army camo pants and get a pair of reliable knee and shin armored guards to wear over/under them pants. I figured, if I can save a little while it serves the same purpose then Do IT!(say it like Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch, it's fun!). By the way, Dubs you are one helluva big fella! I wouldn't be caught swearing at you drunk with my pants around my ankle even if someone paid me to Do IT!

Then, I caught up with an ol' friend, Janni, from high school at Cottosloe for a chat and some dinner. I had called him a couple of days ago to check if he'll be a willing slave to helping me do up the bikes. One thing led to another and now, he might be my riding buddy, although he'll probably only ride a 250 to Adelaide or Can-dbury-berra and fly back to be in time for uni. We'll see... I mean the bloody trip is 30 MONTHS AWAY!

Anyway, here's my own "cheap bastards guide to traversing Oz":

1. Don't buy them fanciful gadgets!
2. If it's not brokenn don't fix it (same goes for your bones)
3. Derive entertainment from yourself. Go ahead, play with yourself, it's much cheaper
4. If you have something at home that serves the same purpose, don't waste your bloody money buying a newer one. That just makes you a bloody fool. (Gotta remind myself about that)
5. Budget well and keep to the budgets
6. Refer to the abovementioned 5 and remind yourself that only fools spend money they don't need.