Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Stumbling Blocks

Okay, so I'm a Looong way from being able to complete the trip. As a privateer, the major obstacle faced is ultimately cost, I know I'll have the luxury of time but really, finances will be my biggest poo-poo.

Anyway, here's my list of wombat-blocking:

Yet to:
Purchase the god-damn maps
Purchase the Protective Gear
(Jacket or Armour?)
Gloves... check!
Pants... check!

Route planning
Raise the funds for the trip.
Amass enough knowledge about off-roading.
Medical and first aid training
Basic Motorcycle Repairing
Basic Off-road Course
Decide on the bike of choice and finally,
Naming the Wheeled beast (I'm leaning towards Wombat-Killa)

At this point of time, my bike options are KLR650, Xr600, XL600, Yamaha Tenere, Africa Twin, Nx Dominator and Xt600e. With my limited fundings, I'm only able to set aside around the 3k mark so, my only viable option is to purchase an older model (88'-97'), do it up, splash out the cash to rebuild the engine, self-repair and replace minor damages like mirrors, electronics and levers, etc and upgrade on the weaker parts of the machine; like fitting a stronger belly pan.

I've to also keep in mind the engine capacity of the 2 wheel wombat killer; I leaning towards the xt600 or the tenere due to the reliability and reviews on it's ability to withstand the rough. A 250 will be much cheaper BUT, I have my doubts about it's ability to cruise comfortably and tolerate the stress placed on the frame by all the luggages and strap-ons(nope, not the dildo-type... think more towards... Cargo Netted 2-man Tent), the last thing I want to be left with is a cracked frame, or worse!

I really wonder if I'll succeed in doing this....

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