Monday, April 13, 2009

Willie Willie Coyote

It's been awhile. Currently away in Japan on exchange until June but I have taken it onto myself to start sussing out a bike for when I return to Perth (Eventually). I have to be honest here, I have mixed feelings about leaving Japan. Initially, before I came that is, I was so looking forward to riding in Japan on a 2 wheeler of some sort but on arriving, found out that I was not permitted to do that. Despite being tempted to ride all the time here I have had a wonderful time with Japanese public transport! I am still raring to get back straddling a hot rod between my legs though (ok, reserve the gay comments to AFTER I finish). Not one day passes where I do not even think about "oh xtz.....oh XR.... or maybe a DR..." and when I see a bike here (which is really fucking everywhere), I just get so....懐かしいね!(literally meaning: Miss)

So yea, now another aspect that has changed since the last time I posted has been deciding the route I am going to take. So that would mean getting some 1:25 000 or 1:50 000 maps and plotting out a rough route I would be take around and back. It would cover 15% dirt 85% Tarmac.

Also, I have raised the budget on the bike from 2500 to max out 4k but realistically, I would want to spend around 3.2k or thereabouts to get it. Really hoping it is a tenere. So another 1.5k to do it up (larger tank, rego. upgrading parts, seats, racks, tyres, etc). And also, maybe a dirt riding course in Cambodia at the end of the year. Okay willie kneelies ride safe and try not to be caught with your pants down while peeing in the great outdoors.