Friday, September 12, 2008

My one step forward

Okay, here's the latest scoop
1. Jacket's here, alittle dirty but it's worth every 90 dollar cent I spent on it.
2. Wrote a sponsorship request to Yamaha (slim chance but hey, miracles happen!)

Sourced out the camping "road side accomodation" already, tents gonna cost me a HEFTY 34.35 bucks (Fwah!!!) and sleeping bag, looking at around 87 bucks. I've decided I'm going to just go with the flow and relax on not stressing out over the minute details (for now). So, Just debit the shit out of my account man!

Bussi Jetty tomorrow morning!

Cheers and I'm going to enjoy my respite from this so-far hectic semester

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Forward Advance with Indian Oh... so cheap Bags

Okay people, listen up I'm a cheapskate and I am not shy to admit that... Everything about this trip is try and be as cheap a bastard as you can. As such, I have sourced out 'made in india... made in india...california...." soft case panniers. I'm almost about to commit my money into buying them for a cheap cheap 40 bucks(shipping's another 20 I think) without first having even gotten my bike.

Also, I spoke to Son down at SMARTRIDER today about taking that wretched Moto maintenance repair courseand it's going to set me back around 120 bucks. Did do a course in Army but then again, that was two years back so seeing how I've never torn apart a motorcycle before and touched the... body (grrr....) I think I should do a "refresher".

Next, met a guy from PSB, interesting nickname;Dubs, to try on some touring pants. It turned out to be a little big for me and it'll set me back 70 bucks. So, I'm going to settle for my army camo pants and get a pair of reliable knee and shin armored guards to wear over/under them pants. I figured, if I can save a little while it serves the same purpose then Do IT!(say it like Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch, it's fun!). By the way, Dubs you are one helluva big fella! I wouldn't be caught swearing at you drunk with my pants around my ankle even if someone paid me to Do IT!

Then, I caught up with an ol' friend, Janni, from high school at Cottosloe for a chat and some dinner. I had called him a couple of days ago to check if he'll be a willing slave to helping me do up the bikes. One thing led to another and now, he might be my riding buddy, although he'll probably only ride a 250 to Adelaide or Can-dbury-berra and fly back to be in time for uni. We'll see... I mean the bloody trip is 30 MONTHS AWAY!

Anyway, here's my own "cheap bastards guide to traversing Oz":

1. Don't buy them fanciful gadgets!
2. If it's not brokenn don't fix it (same goes for your bones)
3. Derive entertainment from yourself. Go ahead, play with yourself, it's much cheaper
4. If you have something at home that serves the same purpose, don't waste your bloody money buying a newer one. That just makes you a bloody fool. (Gotta remind myself about that)
5. Budget well and keep to the budgets
6. Refer to the abovementioned 5 and remind yourself that only fools spend money they don't need.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Route Planning Part 1.

So, It's been a busy few days. Spoke to Anni today, who happens to be an angel as she answered my question one by one. Back when I was still in my mom's hymen, Anni did the exact route I had in mind but on a Van instead of on two wheels. To sum it all up, Nullabor = Baaad.... cos it's so haaarsh. It'll be pretty stupid to do it yourself was what she said, so I asked sis if she was interested in rounding Oz with me instead. We'll have to source our some maps to really plan an exact route... Library maybe?! Lacking sleep, I am just wondering around a living dead browsing other people's wonder story and just drawing experience from their trips.


Despite the words of caution, I still pretty optimistic about making the trip. For now, The trip would start from Perth head clockwise, up to Darwin down Ayers Rock, Take Highway 1 through to Adelaide and the whole of the east coast.... the rest I've yet to give it much thought.

Oh the second article is really quite a read! In the meantime, Hang loose, enjoy the weekend and go nuts! ;)