Friday, September 5, 2008

Route Planning Part 1.

So, It's been a busy few days. Spoke to Anni today, who happens to be an angel as she answered my question one by one. Back when I was still in my mom's hymen, Anni did the exact route I had in mind but on a Van instead of on two wheels. To sum it all up, Nullabor = Baaad.... cos it's so haaarsh. It'll be pretty stupid to do it yourself was what she said, so I asked sis if she was interested in rounding Oz with me instead. We'll have to source our some maps to really plan an exact route... Library maybe?! Lacking sleep, I am just wondering around a living dead browsing other people's wonder story and just drawing experience from their trips.


Despite the words of caution, I still pretty optimistic about making the trip. For now, The trip would start from Perth head clockwise, up to Darwin down Ayers Rock, Take Highway 1 through to Adelaide and the whole of the east coast.... the rest I've yet to give it much thought.

Oh the second article is really quite a read! In the meantime, Hang loose, enjoy the weekend and go nuts! ;)

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